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February 2016
The junior handlers had a different kind of training recently: Claire Burns from the Island Dog Training Club kindly came along with her boy, Harvey, to show the girls a different side of competition work with dogs, and how to get the dogs and handlers working mentally and physically together. 

Claire and Harvey went through different commands like heal, close, hold, fetch and how to be very positive with dogs and treat when the dogs gets it right and never shout at your dog when he doesn't get it right. Claire told the girls it takes years to train your dog, it's not an overnight fix, and it's a bond of trust between dog and handler. Claire then got the girls to give some different commands to their dogs and she let them have a go with the Handsome Harvey, who worked with the girls.

A big thank you to Claire and Harvey for giving up their time on a Sunday afternoon.
Chrissie, Paige, and Sammie
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